1. We deliver your pup tp your doorstep (ask for details!)
  2. Once your pup is born you get: daily briefings, daily videos of your pup, and more!
  3. Most Breeders do not care if you buy or not. They figure “someone” will buy their puppies. You know that by how they treat you when you call.
  4. WE CARE! We would love to have you call before, during the initial 8 weeks, and even after we deliver your pup directly to you!
  5. We videotape (Gopro) your pup daily! It’s as if you are alongside your puppy for the entire 8 weeks!
  6. We raise our Mastiffs (both Bullmastiffs and Dogue De Bordeaux’s) as part of our family. They sleep in our beds, couches, and lounge chairs! They live in our house in every way. We only breed to share our love of what we think is the best breed out there!
  8.  Your puppy will have champion Bloodlines! We only carry champion lines!
  9.  WE DO – NOT – CHARGE $500.00 FOR A DEPOSIT! We only ask $375.00! We understand a budget! Nonrefundable of course.
  10.  We weigh our puppies daily and feed any puppy that is not as big as the others so there are NO “runts” in our litters!