We will earn your trust!

We are not professional breeders! We do not keep our dogs in a barn, or a small kennel (cage) in a building on the property somewhere.

We started having litters because we were treated so rudely and badly when we first looked into buying a puppy.

We vowed we would NEVER treat people the way most breeders treat a potential buyer of these magnificent breeds.

We first started breeding Bull Mastiffs and we quickly became well known and respected.

Many were return buyers and we always had a long waiting list long before our litters were born!

And it’s all because of how we treat you!

Through respect, and honesty our phone is open to take calls/questions (no matter how insignificant you think they may be)  to the way we take daily photos and videos of your puppy every single day of their first 8 weeks, so you get a real sense of being right there alongside of your pup every day until they are with you!

Word soon spread that we were not your “typical” Breeder and were in demand.

We know it will be the same with our Dogue De Bordeaux’s!

Please check out our section called, “What Makes Us So Different” for much more detailed information on how we treat you and how we treat your puppy in their first 8 weeks!

We appreciate you checking us out as we know there are so many big breeders out there.

But that’s when you want a smaller boutique “Breeder” so your puppy gets the very best attention, love, nourishment, and temperament training (as they are in our house, around people, and our other dogs that we own and love 24/7).

So give us a chance to earn your trust! Give us a call or write!


  • Oh, and this cover photo is of the happy couple that we breed!

Buddha and Coco!